My Anime Festival Orlando 2018 Experience

This past weekend, I attended the anime convention Anime Festival Orlando 2018. I have attended this convention every year since 2013 and every year I have a great time and, despite some bumps in the road, this year was no exception. For the second year in a row, I hosted my panel, “West meets East: Anime based on Western Literature”, with my good friend, Alison LeGros on the first day of the con. The panel was a great success as we got a good number of people in the audience, many of whom had not heard of the anime we covered, giving us the chance to introduce some great anime based on books from North America and Europe. In this blog I will post how you can buy or stream the anime we covered in the panel, but first, I will cover my experience at the con.

Alison and I hosting the panel

The con started on Friday. The first panel I attended was “Anime Films of the Last 5 Years”. I enjoyed this panel as I was able to learn about some films I hadn’t heard of as well as watch trailers for anime films I had only heard of. I next went to the dealer’s room to check out the deals, picking up two anime magnets for my collection. Afterwards, I went to get ready for my panel. This was my third time hosting this panel and I never get tired of talking about the subject of western book based anime. As I mentioned before, we were able to get a great crowd and the panel went very smoothly, with the audience showing great interest in the anime we were showing. We talked about the history of the different anime and showed music videos, trailers, and anime openings as well. After my panel was finished, I talked with some of the con goers about the panel. With my panel finished, I was ready to enjoy the rest of the con. I capped off the night with my friends, Kent Ward and Shawn Wilson’s, panel, “It’s MANIME! The Manly Anime Panel” which focused on anime about manly anime characters.

Me with Colleen Clinkinbeard

On Saturday, I started off the day meeting anime voice actress, Colleen Clinkenbeard, getting her autograph and a picture with her in the process. To kill time before the next panel, I returned to the dealer’s room, picking up a new wall scroll for my room. With that finished, I attended the panel “Canceled Anime Gone Before it’s Time”, learning about many anime I had never heard off. I next attended Kent’s second panel of the weekend, “NJPW: Strong Styled Evolved”, which covered the major events of the past year for New Japan Pro Wrestling. I ended the night with my friends, George Spanos and Rando Calrissian’s, panel, “The Wicked World of Go Nagai: 50th Anniversary Edition”, which covered the works of famous manga writer and artist, Go Nagai.

me with an Elias Ainsworth cosplayer

On the last day of the con, I met up with some friends for lunch before heading back into the convention. With no panels that interested me, I decided to help Kent promote his upcoming Legend of Zelda show to all the vendors and artists in the dealer’s room (you can learned more about this awesome show on While there I introduced myself to many of the artists in an attempt to find possible creative partners on future projects. I also picked up two Nintendo 64 WCW wrestling games for an awesome deal. I finished my con experience by helping Kent pass out flyers for his show to people as they were leaving the Closing Ceremonies. Overall, I had a great time hosting my panel, experiencing other panels, and hanging out with good friends.

Now, as I promised, here are the anime that we covered in my panel and how you can buy and/or stream them.

#1 World Masterpiece Theater 

Buy: Unfortunately none of the series in this long running anthology of series are currently available for purchase.

Stream: Some of the series have been uploaded to YouTube, but whether they have English subtitles I cannot guarantee.

#2 Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Buy: Available on Blu-ray and DVD by Sentai Filmworks.

Stream: Available to stream on HIDIVE.

#3 Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Buy: Available on DVD by Funimation

Stream: Available on

#4 Romeo x Juliet

Buy: Available on DVD by Funimation

Stream: Available on

#5 Howl’s Moving Castle

Buy: Available on Blu-ray and DVD by GKIDS

Stream: Not currently streaming

#6 Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Buy: Available on Blu-ray and DVD by GKIDS

Stream: Available on Netflix

Thanks to everyone who came out to support my panel. See you at my next event!

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