John receives a friendly letter from Mr. Shire, a man he has never met. After reading the message, he makes a decision that changes his life forever all the while wondering: Who is Mr. Shire?

In the Mind of the Beholder


A young man named Arthur asks his girlfriend of five years to marry him, but their happiness is short lived when Callar, a self-proclaimed psychic, tells the loving couple a truth that shakes the very foundation of their world.

The Men of Oakshire


The bombastic King of the Oakshire shares the story of one of his greatest triumphs when he took on the mighty Black Knight in battle.

Ride 'Em Kinker!


Jean, a talented circus performer, must take part in a dangerous act with a raging bull in order to please his greedy boss and save his friend’s job.



A young man walks into a small convenience store and becomes stuck in a seemingly never-ending conversation with an overly friendly cashier. 

Black Cloud of Scales


While walking his dog, a man sees a snake and convinces himself that it was there just to ruin his day.

A Riddled Inheritance


While searching through his late aunt’s unique collection of artifacts, a young man discovers a mysterious box that contains ancient secrets and sets him on an adventurous journey.

Reunion with Em


Nate and Emma reunite in a park and over the course of their conversation, rediscover their old feelings for each other. 



Bored with her current lot in a small town, a waitress named Kate finds her life changed when she meets an eccentric man named Wells, who claims to be a time traveller. 

The Girl in the White Hat


Three teenage boys explore an abandoned theatre after hearing mysterious laughter. When one of them comes across a young girl, he finds that she is not what she appears to be.  

Sius and Xander: Agents of H.R. Inc.


Sius and Xander, two agents from Heritage Recovery Incorporated, are sent down to a decayed Earth to collect lost history, but when disaster strikes, the two agents must think fast before their mission is jeopardized.

The Runaround


A series of twist and turns befall Officer Harry Milton, a novice cop with the Capital Police, as he goes undercover to catch a drug dealer.