Nicholas Slade, a self-proclaimed Literary Architect, Screenwriting Wizard, and Brigadier General of Fantastika, could best be described by those who know him as a functioning madman of imagination. During his writing career thus far, he has had numerous short stories published in an array of literary magazines, as well as written and directed a short film that was screened at the August 2013 Enzian FilmSlam to it’s first ever sold out crowd.


His humble origin story began in a small town in southern Mississippi. As a child, he grew up reading the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, watching the films of Walt Disney and Studio Ghibli, and reading Marvel comic books and manga. The superb storylines and unforgettable characters ignited his passion for writing.


That fire took him to Florida to attend Full Sail University where he earned his BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Recently unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, it is Nick’s desire that his tales spread the kind of wonder and excitement that expands people’s imaginations, taking them places they never thought possible before.


Nick is currently working on The Men of Oakshire, his first novel, and “Anwen of Light and Dark,” a feature animated screenplay. Oakshire is an epic fantasy that follows a bombastic king and a by-the-book knight, as the two must learn to work together on a quest to take down a power crazed dwarf king. “Anwen” follows an amnestic young girl who discovers she is the lost princess of a kingdom that has been taken over by a dark sorceress. Both projects are currently in development and Nick hopes to have them completed by 2020.